Muccianello - our farm in the tuscany-countryside
our farm is to be found in the gentle green countryside of the Mugello, a short distance from Florence. Here on the hill of Vespignano is the birthplace of Giotto, famous Florentine artist of the 13th centrury (AD 1267).
We invite you to a holiday in the area which inspired not only Giotto but also Benvenuto Cellini and Beato Angelico, whose masterpieces are admired worldwide.
We invite you to enjoy your holiday in a home which has existed since the times of the Medici family who from this area startet their rise towards Florence and the rest of Tuscany.
We invite you holiday in beautiful natural surroundings filled with the many perfumes of wild herbs, Roses and Lemons.

The farm has been run by our family for more than two hundred years. Up until the year 1970 the property included the house where Giottto was born. This now belongs to the Municipality and is transformed into an interesting Museum for both children und adults.

Our wine, fruit and olive oil, (famous for the low acid content) can be tastet on the spot. Other farm products are wheat, maize, sunflowers and chestnuts.
A hundred years ago you could have ordered silk, flax and linnen fabrics, also sheep wood for the making of matresses and awful itchy pullovers.

We rent 3 independent living quarters in 2 different houses:

Casale della Vigna – is a large house whose outer walls were built before the period of Giotto, as for back as a thousand years. Even today you can see an arch built drypack into the wall. Probablythis was one of the entrances into the castle of Vespignano from which depended the present Comune of Vicchio.
From this historic house the eye travels across our little wineyard over the green hills towards Vicchio to arrive as far as the summit of Falterona, a mountain once venerated by the ancient Etruscans. Towards the west the eye sweeps across to Borgo San Lorenzo, capital of the Mugello with its 10.000 inhabitants, as far as the Monte Morello and Monte Senario. At sunset the last rays of light filter through to Florence.
The house offers a comfortable stay for up to 16 persons. There are eight bedrooms with double beds, four bathrooms, big and small livingrooms where one can sit in perfect peace or in pleasant company. The large fireplace in the main livingroom offers an ideal gathering place in front of a cheerful fire, either to play cards, storytell or roast the delicious meat of Mugello. Also the kitchen is large and spacious and allows one to cook and taste freshly prepared food on the big marble table.
Outside the sunny loggias await you for breakfast in true holiday spirit. Here you can relax with a good book at teatime, or sip a cup of coffee while chatting to friends and preparing the barbecue.
Casa della Seta
: Selve I and Selve II – This house, used by the silk farmer as recently as the fifties, is now divided into two separate apartments, each suitable for 4/5 persons, with individual entrances and gardens plus barbecue facilities. The last of the Mulberry trees in the small garden of Selve I is a reminder of the previous activities of the house.


50039 VICCHIO ( Firenze ) LocalitÓ Vespignano

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